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Palos Verdes Estates Dead animal Removal

Effective Dead Animal Removal

When an animal gets under your house, it's a problem. When it dies, then you really have problems. The smell can be overwhelming. Then there is the disease element and bacteria factor that's looming there. A dead animal under the house is no fun. We at animal trapping and removal service know how to remove them. You just go under and pull them out. Sometimes easier said than done. The carcass must be located first. Lots of hiding places under a house. The floors, the walls, heater space, chimney enclosure, sometimes called the chase, with nooks and crannies that you never even knew were there. A flashlight, cover-alls, a tool to grab the dead animal, and a bag to put it in. Dead animals under the house is usually a cat or an opossum, or possum, depending on where you're from. A dead skunk under the house will unmistakably reveal itself, due to the smell. A dead skunk will smell for about 2 years. Dead raccoons are not as common, but it does happen sometimes. Occasionally we find a dead dog under a house. A few times they turned out to be the size of a great dane. Lots of work!! A deceased animal happens when you let them live there without removing them, since all things eventually will die. Our dead animal from under the house team will be out to your home within a couple of hours to make you comfortable once again. Thank you.

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Emergency Dead Animal Removal in Palos Verdes Estates

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