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Over Thirty Years of Experience

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Torrance Cat or Wildcat Removal

Cats that have never been handled by people are wild, just like any other wild animal and are to be treated with caution!

Anything with teeth will bite, there is nothing worse than a cat bite, usually a deep bite to the bone, with lots of bacteria to go along with it.

Animals that are carnivores carry lots of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Most diseases are related to animals, which is why we as people only eat animals that are seed and grain eaters or grazing animals like cattle, chickens or any other grazing animals.

We don’t eat predators or carnivores, we always used to joke with each other that if times get so bad, at least we could eat what we catch. I hope it never gets that bad! But anyway, back to cats…

We don’t trap neighbors cats,,we often get calls from people who want to hire us for that purpose but we always refer them to their local animal control which will use other methods. If there are locals laws pertaining to stray cats on your property, those situations can usually be handled with a “notice of violation” from the animal control agency to the owner of the cats.

Cats that are caught as non target animals are released at the location. There is really no way to target any animal as they all eat the same thing, especially if they are hungry. Who wouldn’t?

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