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Torrance Possum Removal

Virginia Possum, so they are called, which was where they landed and then moved acrossthe country. They are now in every corner of North America and have adapted most everywhere except for some desert areas because they are too hot.

Coming from Australia, a Possum is a marsupial with a pouch like a Kangaroo. The possums behavior is quite different than North American animals, a lot slower and more docile, almost seem like they have brain damage but they sure have a lot of scary teeth! I’ve never known one to attack anything or any other animal but have heard stories of them getting into a birds nest to eat young birds or even their eggs. They’re also known to raid a nest of young baby animals, like cats, ducks, chickens or rabbits. For the most part, possums seem to be a fairly private animals just doing what they have to do to exist. Remember, all animals have to eat so always be respectful of God’s creatures.

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