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Torrance Skunk Removal

Skunks are very prevalent in the South Bay. They are quite prolific and unstoppable as they have no natural enemies that will challenge them, except for maybe a dog that makes the mistake of looking for a playmate…a mistake they soon regret.

There are two strains of skunks in Southern California, the Striped Skunk which is most common and found just about everywhere from downtown Los Angeles to the Port at Terminal Island and everywhere in between. Also, the smaller Spotted Skunk which does a little dance on its front legs. These are found on the Palos Verdes Peninsula coastline on the south side near Yacht Harbor. There are only a couple of colonies left. I haven’t seen any in a few years.

Skunks will stay together for most of the year, males may go off on their own on occasion, but always are close by to the family. It is not uncommon to find 20, 30 or more colonized together.

Other than injury or disease, skunks under the home is the worst animal problem one can have. Along comes a skunk and a raccoon or possum looking for shelter. The worst time to have skunks underneath the house is in the winter when it’s cold and your house is all closed up. When skunks meet they may spray. A male and a female skunk mating under the house will spray. Either way, the house, the carpets, your clothing all reek like skunk!

It pays to get skunks out from under your house, deck, or shed as soon as you notice them. Never put a trap under a house where skunks are present. The skunk may spray 20 times before it is removed.

A skunk walking into your home or business is another horrible situation. If you leave a house door open or your garage door open at the wrong time, a skunk may enter. I got a skunk out of a bedroom in Rancho Palos Verdes. It had hidden under the bed and unfortunately, upon moving the bed, it sprayed. My son got a skunk out of a freezer at a Pollo Loco in Torrance… it didn’t spray. Good thing…that would have been a Crazy you can taste.

The only way a skunk will leave on its own is when one dies in the nest. I can only guess that the rest of the family doesn’t like the smell of a dead rotting skunk either. With that said, most people will confuse a live skunk smell with that of a dead skunk smell. The odor is very similar but the dead skunk smell is more putrid than that of a live skunk. It can take upwards of 18 months for the smell to go away naturally, sensitive noses can smell it for much longer periods of time. Once the carcass is removed the smell goes away much sooner.

We do our best to find and remove dead skunks. Sometimes in softer dirt under a house the skunk will dig a tunnel around the foundation walls. The skunk will eventually die in the nest. Unfortunately, those situations are tough to solve, It is best to collapse the tunnel and cover it with dirt to keep the smell down. Probably the worst situations are when the skunk has burrowed under a slab foundation and died. These problems are real tough to solve, sometimes the fix involves jack hammering a floor. Thankfully that is usually rare and extreme, but, we have seen it happen.

Skunks will dig in the grass the same way Raccoons do, looking for worms and grubs. The only difference is the size of the damage done. Raccoons make a big mess, Skunks make a little mess. Like all city wildlife, skunks especially like the cat dish or dog bowl. So remember to remove the pet food bowls every night.

In the old days, when I worked for the Southern California Humane Society, (still in Hawthorne) there were skunks around. But nothing like it is now, skunks are everywhere and out of control. Skunks are scavengers, eating leftovers and the trash of humans. The more people are crammed into cities, the more skunks there will be. Skunks will adapt and survive. So much for the animal encroachment theory.

Skunks are great diggers but poor climbers. We have removed skunks which have fallen into plumbing/construction trenches, basements, mechanic pits, huge post holes for light poles at athletic fields and a trash can at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank. The best prevention is to cover holes and trenches at night, make sure your house has good screen on the vents, there are good footings on the foundation and block walls to keep them out. Keep doggy doors locked at night, install screening or flashing around decks (but you will need it a minimum of 12 inches underground or they’ll burrow right under it). Surprisingly, skunks only need an inch and a half hole to get in.

The only sure and reliable method of control is good old mother nature, every few years a disease will work its way through the skunk population and reduce the numbers. But you can count on them to come back stronger.

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